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Share Your

HALO Award Story

The true impact of the HALO Award can only be known through your stories. How has the HALO Award program impacted you? Your volunteer program? Your organization? 


We would love to hear from you.

Your story can inspire others to:

  • Seek out meaningful volunteer opportunities

  • Take a strategic approach to volunteer management

  • Fund further investments in capacity building

What is a HALO Award Story?

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Interested in sharing your HALO Award Story? Complete the form below.
The Foundation will reply with more information on the project and guidance on how to create and submit your HALO Award Story video.

Thank you for your interest in the HALO Award Stories project!


What is the HALO Award Stories project?
HALO Award Stories is a community storytelling project illustrating the impact of the HALO Award. We invite members of the HALO Award community to share their experiences through brief video “Stories.” In Summer 2021, we look forward to sharing a collection of your videos on our website,
Why is the Foundation collecting HALO Award Stories?
This project will shine a light on what the HALO community has learned and accomplished over the past decade. We believe your diversity of voices and experiences will help illustrate the impact of the Award on individuals, organizations, and communities.
In sharing your Stories, we hope to ignite an interest in volunteerism, as well as inspire:
  • individuals to volunteer
  • nonprofit leaders to take a strategic approach to volunteerism
  • funders to consider funding capacity building through strategic volunteer management
Why now?
This year begins the 10th year of the HALO Award, an ideal time to reflect on the program’s impact on volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and the communities they serve.
Who can participate?
Anyone who has had a meaningful connection to the HALO Award. That includes leaders, staff, and board members from recipient organizations, HALO program alumni, individual volunteers, Award luncheon speakers, and selection committee members. If the HALO Award has made a difference for you, we would love to hear from you.
I want to share my Story about HALO Award’s impact. What is my next step?
Let us know you’d like to participate by completing the form at the top of this webpage. We will respond with helpful guidance both on what a “HALO Award Story” is and how to share your video file with the Foundation. We are excited to hear your Story!
What should my video include?
Your name, your connection to the HALO Award, and your own personal story of the HALO Award’s impact, in 1 - 2 minutes. We want to see your unedited, original video file. There's no need to edit in any way. For our HALO Stories compilation, we may edit lightly for time or clarity. For more on how to tell your story, contact us through the form on this page.
Are there any examples I can watch?
Yes! We have a sample Story here.
Is there a deadline?
Please create and share your video with the Foundation by April 15, 2021 for inclusion in the HALO Award Stories project.
When will I be able to see the final collection of HALO Award Stories?
We look forward to sharing a collection of Stories videos on our website in Summer 2021.
Interested in participating, but still have questions?
Let us know in the form on this page, or email us at
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