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The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation

The mission of the Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation is to improve the quality of life of present and future generations by funding programs that empower people to reach their fullest potential, strengthen communities and promote the health of our society.

Kelly Luu

Administrative Assistant

Kelly is an Administrative Assistant at The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation. She is dedicated to combating issues that stem from systemic injustice in our social structures and is inspired to work towards equitable outcomes for all. She has a bachelor's degree in Sociology, and a minor in Global Health from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Blue Garnet

Blue Garnet is a Los Angeles-based strategy and management firm for social change organizations seeking to translate vision to reality and go from good enough to truly great. In 2012, Blue Garnet joined the HALO Award team to lead and facilitate the capacity building training and technical assistance throughout the grant term.

Way-Ting Chen

Co-Founder & Senior Partner

A macro-economist and geek at heart with a passion for problem solving and generating breakthrough insights that lead to social impact. She is a top-notch problem solver with a penchant for critical analysis. She is fueled by her conviction that “the system” can and should work better. She holds an International MBA, University of Chicago and a BA with honors in Economics & Political Science from Swarthmore College. Way-Ting lives with her family in Playa Del Rey.

Yee-Sum Mak


A service-minded thinker and learner, Yee-Sum thrives on analyzing data deeply to derive meaningful and value-adding insights. She is adept at taking ideas from theory to practice through her structured problem-solving approach. Her work is guided by her deep belief that the social challenges of our world, however insurmountable they may seem, can be solved. She holds a Bachelor’s in International Relations and Global Business from the University of Southern California.

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