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HALO Award Stories


As the HALO Award program enters its 10th year, we invite our HALO community to share personal video stories of the Award’s impact.

To begin this community storytelling project, the Foundation’s trustees reflected on the creation and evolution of the program.

This is our HALO Award Story.

Trustees of The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation share their Story.


You are an important part of the Story

We turn to you — our HALO community — to help us illustrate the program's impact over the past decade. This impact can be experienced in ways both large and small. Your voice, your Story, is part of the larger narrative of the power of volunteerism.  

We invite you to share your Story with the Foundation in these three steps:
Reflect on HALO's impact.
Record a brief video, telling your unique Story.
Submit your video to the Foundation.


What’s Your HALO Award Story?

How has the Award impacted you, your volunteer program, your organization, your community? Are you a HALO Award alumnus, volunteer, nonprofit partner, or community member?


We would love to hear your Story.

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