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Cohort 12’s Peer Learning Session 3: Turning Goals into Actionable Plans

It was great to be back together in person for Cohort 12’s third Peer Learning Session! The session kicked off by clarifying goals and mapping out the steps to reach them. By proactively laying out timelines in advance, Cohort 12 was able to shift from solving problems through a reactive approach, to looking at things from a more dynamic and forward-thinking approach. They then presented their goals and strategies to their peers, to gather feedback and refine their plans to make them feasible and attainable.

Diana Avendaño, Cohort 11 Member, Access to Justice Initiatives Manager from NLSLA

We had the privilege to hear from a member of Cohort 11, Diana Avendaño, Access to Justice Initiatives Manager from Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. Diana shared her HALO journey and the strategies that brought her organization's volunteer management plan from the drawing board to real-world practice. She highlighted a particular exercise during her program year, empathy mapping, where she thought about the onboarding process through the volunteers’ lens. Diana and her team found ways to streamline the onboarding journey so that volunteers could more seamlessly contribute to the organization’s mission. Before she left, she imparted how strategically delegating responsibilities within an organization, remaining flexible with your volunteer program goals, and continuously touching base with your volunteer management team are great ways to make sure that your plan will stay on the right track. Peer Learning Session 3 was a captivating exploration of turning visions and goals for volunteer programs into actionable plans! 🌟🙌



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