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Cohort 12’s In-Person Peer Learning Session!

Cohort 12 met for our first Peer Learning Session last week, where we had the pleasure of hosting an in-person session for the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The capacity building teams of Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Communities in Schools of LA, Education through Music Los Angeles, LA Family Housing, Rainbow Labs, and Sprouts of Promise came together for enhanced collaboration, robust discussions, and more personal connections. The cohort represents a diverse group of organizations from organizational structure and volunteer program size to mission and populations served. The diversity creates rich cross-organizational learning and cross-sector solutions.

Find more information about the organizations of Cohort 12 here!

As the world adjusts to the post-COVID era, organizations are striving to strike a balance between traditional and innovative methods to achieve their missions. Many are incorporating and adapting successful program elements adopted during the pandemic into their in-person support services. Cohort 12 reflected on the current state of and aspirations for their volunteer programs and began brainstorming strategies and systems to accomplish their goals. The session closed with Cohort 12 sharing feelings of clarity, enthusiasm, and reinvigoration!

The Foundation and our capacity building partners at Blue Garnet look forward to building on the momentum gained in this session and to supporting Cohort 12 meet their organizational missions through strengthened volunteer programs.



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