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A Familiar Face at PLS 3

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Earlier this month Cohort 7 met for their third Peer Learning Session at The California Wellness Foundation in Downtown Los Angeles. Since the group is well into the development of their volunteer management plans, Blue Garnet led a focused discussion on “risk management” as it relates to implementing their plans.

Within their own organizations and cross-organizationally, participants worked through identifying potential implementation “risks” or challenges and formulated proactive solutions to address those issues, should they arise. This discussion framework allowed organizations to analyze their plans in another creative and strategic way.

During lunch, The Foundation was pleased to welcome back Gabe Middleton, CEO of human-I-T and member of Cohort 6. Gabe discussed human-I-T’s utilization of corporate volunteers and some best practices for corporate volunteer recruitment and communication.

This winter, human-I-T will welcome their first round of AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers, which they were awarded as a direct result of an AmeriCorps VISTA workshop at a Peer Learning Session during their program year.

It is always exciting to bring back program alumni to build connections with current awardees and to share experiences post-HALO. In January, Cohort 7 will meet for their final Peer Learning Session and become program alumni themselves!



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