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Sprouts of Promise

Volunteer: Julia Rhonton

Sprouts of Promise leverages farmers' markets as a force for building healthy communities. 

Julia Rhonton is the lead volunteer teacher of Cooking Together, a program that provides cooking classes and local produce donations to families transitioning out of homelessness. From her first interaction with the program and staff, Julia not only volunteered in the class, but also to design the kid-centered curriculum. The classes teach families easy ways to incorporate vegetables into daily meals, and are designed for parents and kids to cook together. Julia lends her own cutting boards, induction burners, and aprons to the classes and after class, she sticks around to sweep the floors and wash the dishes. Julia's classes are incredibly popular and boasts kids not only eating, but cooking their own vegetables, while also bonding with their parents. Because of Julia's efforts, Sprouts of Promise is adding programming to help support the offering of more cooking classes. Nourishing food is how Julia makes the world a better place! 

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