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Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights

Volunteer: Irma Yaneth Escobar

Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights' (CHIRLA) mission is to achieve a just society, fully inclusive of immigrants. 

Irma Yaneth Escobar began volunteering with CHIRLA 10 years ago and has been an essential part of the organization's work in the High Desert ever since. Yaneth has dedicated her volunteer efforts to ensuring that CHIRLA's impact grew and that immigrants like herself had the resources to deal will the many challenges they face daily.  She has participated in many campaigns including the struggle to obtain driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants and the fight for DACA. She also leads other volunteers in activities such as community presentations, overnight vigils, peaceful protests, marches, and lobbying visits to Sacramento and Washington D.C. After a decade of incredible work, Yaneth's commitment to volunteering and growing with CHIRLA deserves to be recognized. 

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