Union Station Homeless Services

Volunteer: Gerry Rothschild

Union Station Homeless Services provides comprehensive supportive services to help individuals and families rebuild their lives and end homelessness.

Gerry Rothschild was first introduced to Union Station about 25 years ago as a donor and volunteer at the annual Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park and has been a consistent weekly volunteer for the last nine years. He started volunteering with his wife at Dinner in the Park, helping to prepare the turkeys and work inside the kitchen. Since then, Gerry has truly become like family to the kitchen team at the Adult Center, volunteering at least once per week—averaging 140 hours per year!—and stepping in wherever is needed. Gerry is also regularly the conduit between volunteers and staff—he shows new volunteers around the space, introduces them to staff, and helps them get acclimated. The kitchen team staff regularly share that he is a true member of the team and that his belief in Union Station's mission is evident in his dedicated support of both the staff and clients. Beyond his work in the kitchen, Gerry is a strong community advocate, ally, and fundraiser for Union Station. And, all these years later, he also continues to volunteer at the Thanksgiving Dinner in the Park with his wife—often recruiting many friends as well.