The PLUS ME Project

Volunteer: Cheryl Farrell

The PLUS ME Project activates the art of personal storytelling to increase confidence in youth as they pursue college, career & life goals.

Cheryl Farrell was first introduced to The PLUS ME Project over 2 years ago through PBS SoCal. She attended multiple storytelling trainings and signed up to speak in multiple classrooms at Edison Middle School on Giving Tuesday. Throughout this process, Cheryl found joy in not only sharing her story with students, but also having the opportunity to self-reflect on her own life journey. She realized she could resonate with and inspire students on a deep level, if she was willing to be vulnerable and authentic in the story she shared from her childhood. Cheryl quickly built strong rapport with the students she interacted with and the volunteers she shared the classroom experience with. It was an experience she described as unlike anything she had ever done before. Cheryl volunteered to speak at the Listen 2020 scholarship event at Marlborough School where she helped to award 5 students with the first ever PLUS ME Project scholarships for sharing their stories live. In addition to this, Cheryl also helped to plan the Celebrating 100K event, which was a fundraising campaign that honored The PLUS ME Project for reaching the milestone of impacting 100,000 students since launching in 2013. Throughout the pandemic, Cheryl stayed connected and involved. She is a true champion for the organization that deserves to be recognized not only for her work with PLUS ME, but her commitment to the community.