Stepping Forward LA

Volunteer: LeMar Fooks

Stepping Forward LA (SFLA) empowers foster youth aging out of the system to transition successfully to adulthood and reach their fullest potential.

By day, LeMar Fooks is a literal “rocket scientist” at Raytheon. In his limited free time, LeMar makes a deep, lasting impact in the lives of current and former foster youth through teaching them about cooking and culinary arts, a skill most of the youth have never had the luxury of learning. Since becoming a co-mentor and volunteer in 2012, LeMar’s commitment and dedication to SFLA and to the youth we serve has continued to grow. His approach is to give youth as much decision-making power as possible in designing menus, cooking personalized meals, and flexing their creative muscles, which is especially vital for youth who have grown up in foster care and have not had many opportunities to practice independent decision-making. He is patient, genuine, and kind in is communication with youth, yet also serves as a strong, positive role model for them to listen to and learn from.

310-453-0055 ext. 6

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