Southern California Library for Social Studies & Research

Volunteer: Anthony Garry

The Southern California Library for Social Studies and Research documents and makes accessible histories of struggles that challenge racism and other systems of oppression so we can all imagine and sustain possibilities for freedom.  

Anthony Garry grew up in the neighborhood around the Library and has been connected to the Library for the better part of 10 years. Anthony's dedication to his community is rooted in lived experiences and hardships that he shares with so many in his neighborhood. Despite difficult circumstances, he has always made time to volunteer at the Library in critical ways, large and small, that have greatly helped in advancing its mission. Among other work, he has helped to design and gather over 200 surveys of local needs, organized local youth and residents for community programs and workshops, and provided community support, including attending trials of folks the Library works with, visiting them in prison, and updating staff on people’s cases and conditions. He has basically participated in all volunteer activities at the Library, demonstrating a commitment and love for the Library that moves staff; he is warmly described as a “wind beneath our wings” due to his role in supporting the Library to fulfill its mission on a limited budget and with a limited staff.