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Veronica Lewis Feb 2022.jpg

Veronica Lewis

Director, Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System

2022 HALO Award Selection Committee

Veronica is a recognized leader in Los Angeles County in the Homeless Services, Substance Use Support and Reentry sectors and is the Director of the Homeless Outreach Program/Integrated Care System Division of Special Service for Groups (SSG/HOPICS) where she oversees multi-service programs including: mental health, substance use disorder treatment, reentry support, homeless services, permanent housing programs and sites, and trauma-focused services. Veronica has represented the interest of SPA 6 and the LA Continuum of Care (CoC) as member and Chair of the CoC Board and Coordinating Council.  Veronica is also a Los Angeles County Public Social Services Commissioner appointed by LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn. Veronica served as the Chair of the Los Angeles Reimagine LA Measure J Advisory Committee and led the process of developing a recommended transformative spending plan that resulted in LA County’s $187 Million investment into Care First- Jails last and Community Investment- which funds diversion and reentry services, de-carceration of LA County jails, primary health, behavioral health, housing, economic development, and youth support. Veronica is currently the Chair of the Los Angeles County Care First and Community Investment Advisory Committee.

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