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Rainbow Labs

Volunteer: Jacob Rostovsky

Rainbow Labs emboldens Queer and Gender Nonconforming Youth to discover, curate, and experiment with the elements of a fulfilled life through community building and the lived experiences of mentors.


Jacob Rostvosky is a faithful volunteer on the Program Design Team at Rainbow Labs. Openly transgender since he was thirteen, Jake uses his personal experiences and professional background as a mental health clinician to educate and facilitate deep and meaningful learning experiences for individuals centered around topics specifically facing his community. Jake volunteers his time through mentor orientation, training, and mandated reporting protocols. He trains each new group of mentors in LGBTQ+ affirmations, pronouns, identity development, and trauma-informed care. Since 2020, Jake has committed over 300 volunteer hours to ensure Rainbow Labs' mentoring program is run intentionally. He is a committed volunteer who provides mental health support and guidance across the organization.

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