My Friend's Place

Volunteer: Seychelle Gabriel

My Friend's Place assists and inspires homeless youth to build self-sufficient lives.

Seychelle Gabriel starting volunteering at My Friend’s Place five years ago. As resident of the neighborhood, she would see young people around her age lined up outside to receive basic essentials including food and other items, like a fresh pair of socks or underwear, and was inspired to get involved. With over 10 years of improv experience through her career as an actress, Seychelle leads a weekly Tuesday afternoon improv workshop for the youth. Improv has provided a brilliant opportunity for play and levity amidst what is often a heavy existence for individuals experiencing homelessness. Seychelle is inspired by the strength and resiliency of the youth and is passionate about sharing her own interests and talents so that youth are exposed to positive ways express themselves. She is a dedicated volunteer and advocate for My Friend’s Place and serves as a member of the agency’s Emerging Leaders Council.

310-453-0055 ext. 6

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