Volunteer: Elba Salazar

MOSTe (Motivating Our Students Through Experience) offers mentorship, college counseling, and inspiring programming to empower young women in the Los Angeles community, helping them achieve their dreams of graduating from college.

Elba Salazar was first introduced to MOSTe through her workplace. In just two years of mentoring two MOSTe Scholars, her standout commitment to the young women MOSTe serves is clear. She is a standout mentor in every aspect, going above and beyond as an ally, advocate, friend, and teacher to her mentees. In sharing about her experiences with mentees, she emphasizes the importance of relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Beyond her formal mentorship pairings, she has also supported other MOSTe students, offering to transport them to events when their mentors cannot make it. She even shares resources with the staff for their own professional development. When she was paired with a mentee who wanted to overcome intense shyness to pursue dreams of someday becoming a doctor, Elba gently worked with her mentee around this goal. She practiced with her mentee and over time she found events where her mentee could practice engaging with others and gave her opportunities to speak more. Elba’s work to care for and guide her Scholars helps them to grow into confident, connected, and college-educated young women with clear pathways to achieve their long-term ambitions. Through her gentle yet deep support of her mentees and everyone around her, her caring concern for all young women, and her persistent encouragement, she supports MOSTe’s vision to develop women who are confident, career-focused agents of social change.