Harvest Home

Volunteer: Cindy Mattson

Harvest Home transforms the lives of homeless, pregnant women and their children by providing housing, support, and programs that equip women to become great mothers. 

Cindy Mattson first began volunteering at Harvest Home in 2009 after learning about the organization through a local church. She jumped right in and became a righthand support to Harvest Home's former Executive Director - earning the very official title of “Girl Friday.” From office administration, running errands, to covering evening support shifts in the home, Cindy demonstrated a high level of commitment and initiative. Over the years, Cindy's volunteer role evolved into managing Harvest Home’s intake process receiving calls from potential clients and conducting initial intake interviews and providing referrals to women who needed additional resources. Cindy’s kind heart shines through in every call as she listens intently to every woman’s story, responding with empathy and with hopeful encouragement. With the onset of COVID-19, Cindy has helped in the rapid shift to remote support services, fielding calls from her home which allowed onsite staff to focus on maintaining the health and safety of the moms and babies living in the home. She has continued to stay connected in the day to day life of the home by preparing and delivering meals for residents and checking in on moms as they adjusted to the new social distancing protocols. Cindy is the definition of above and beyond! Armed with a Harvest Home email address, Cindy has taken on a role that could easily be its own staff position. The best representation of Cindy going above and beyond is in ensuring her volunteer role is sustainable for the long run.