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Foster Grandparent Program,

Pepperdine University

Volunteer: Ora Dupree

The Foster Grandparent Program (FGP) offers a multigenerational approach to community volunteerism by giving seniors the opportunity to volunteer with youth ranging from infancy to 21 years of age. Foster Grandparents are mentors, tutors, and friends to children with exceptional needs or circumstances. 

Ora Dupree has been a Foster Grandparent volunteer since 2016. Prior to joining the program, Grandma Ora volunteered around Los Angeles County for decades with her five children. Her “life of volunteerism” continued once she retired and was referred by a friend to join the Foster Grandparent Program. Ora Dupree goes above and beyond in that she assists the program in more ways than one. Whether it's changing diapers, doing temperature checks, reading to the youth, engaging them in arts and crafts, prepping them for nap time, or taking them on a walk, she has always been willing to work with all of our babies and toddlers regardless of age and/or behavior. She brings comfort, stability, and reliability to the FGP program and children. She rarely likes to call off, as she understands the value that she brings to the program and the impact she has on the children served. Grandma Ora states: “The Foster Grandparent Program gets me up and out of the house everyday! It gives me opportunities to volunteer with children in my community. I am able to mingle with other grandparents! Volunteering for the Foster Grandparent Program brings me self-worth! The program provides me with a community of other grandparents doing the same as me.”