The Carl & Roberta 
Deutsch Foundation


Who can be nominated for the HALO Award?

Individuals who are active, unpaid, and not receiving credit or hours for school or professional licenses are eligible to be nominated. 

We are a nonprofit, but we don't serve those in need directly.  Rather, we serve other nonprofits who, in turn, serve specific populations in need.  Do we still qualify for the HALO Award?

Yes, as long as the nonprofits you serve meet the HALO Award eligibility requirements.

Is the founder or executive director of our organization eligible to receive the award?

The founder or executive director of an organization is eligible for the award as long as that person is unpaid and actively serving the organization.

We are a small organization with a modest budget. Can we include the in-kind support that we receive into our operating budget?

Yes, it is acceptable to incorporate in-kind support into your operating budget.

Can the $20,000 budget submitted by the organization be spread over more than one year?
No, the $20,000 grant should be used within the one year awarded.
Our organization does not have a 501(c)3 letter, but we are in the process of obtaining a fiscal sponsor, may we apply for the 
HALO Award?

We require that organizations applying for the HALO Award have 501(c)3 tax-exempt status or a fiscal sponsor at the time of submission.