Defy Ventures

Volunteer: Tatiana Becker

Defy Ventures' mission is to shift mindsets to give people with criminal histories their best shot at a second chance through career readiness, personal development, and entrepreneurship training programs offered in prisons and in the community. 

Tatiana Becker's strong commitment to volunteering with Defy Ventures has included: going into prisons with Defy, providing one on one resume coaching and mock interviews for program participants, participating in and leading post-release program workshops on topics such as leadership and character development, and financially supporting the organization. After one volunteer event, Tatiana shared, “with everything in the world today, [I] feel so powerless to change anything. Being part of Defy makes me feel that at least I can do something, one resume at a time.” Not only does Tatiana connect with program participants - who are called Entrepreneurs in Training (EITs) - and show up faithfully with her skills and passion to Defy events, she thinks creatively about the bigger picture and cares about all factors impacting Defy's EITs and their success and well-being. Andrew Glazier, Defy CEO, said “Tatiana truly embodies the volunteer spirit at Defy. She is always looking for ways to support Defy EITs in their reentry journey and to bring others into the Defy community.”