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A capacity building program designed to strengthen organizations through

the support of volunteer programs & recognition of extraordinary volunteers.




"When applied thoughtfully, 
the HALO Award not only
improves a volunteer program,
but an organization as a whole."

Anne Viricel, Executive Director, San Bernardino Symphony

2015 HALO Award Recipient

The HALO Award began with a desire to reward volunteers doing exemplary work in their communities, and then evolved to include critical capacity building focused on strengthening nonprofit volunteer programs in Greater Los Angeles. The dual purposes of the grant emphasize and celebrate the partnership between individual volunteers and the nonprofits with which they work. 

Since 2011, over 60 nonprofit organizations have been impacted by the HALO Award program in their approaches to volunteer management, strategic planning and operations, and capacity building.

Award Design

The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation is inspired by angels in the community, both the volunteers who go above and beyond to promote the betterment of their communities and the nonprofit organizations whose work motivates and supports such volunteers.

The Award's three-part design offers recipients a "package" of support which reveals and activates additional capacity to meet their organizational missions.

1.  Capacity Building Support

Designed to build or enhance the organizational capacity around volunteerism.


2.  $20,000 Grant

For the nonprofit to strengthen, implement, & sustain the efforts of its volunteer program.

3.  $5,000 Award

For the volunteer, distributed by the nominating nonprofit organization.


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