The Carl & Roberta 
Deutsch Foundation


This year, The Carl & Roberta Deutsch Foundation received a total of 60 applications 

for the HALO Award, all hoping for support to build and/or strengthen their current volunteer programs.

Please click HERE to see the 2017 Awardees!

What Do Their Volunteer Programs Look Like? 

Volunteer Numbers

    • 10% have 0-50 volunteers
    • 17% have 50-100 volunteers
    • 12% have 100-200 volunteers
    • 58% have 200 or more volunteers

    73% have designated Volunteer Coordinators

    41% have been involved with other capacity building programs

    8% are Certified Volunteer Service Enterprises

    What Support Did They Ask For?

    63% requested support for a volunteer coordinator/staffing 

    40% requested support for technology 

    78% requested support for othe

    How Were the Winners Selected? 

    Each year a HALO Award Selection Committee, comprised of local nonprofit and Foundation leaders, selects the winners of the award. 

    Learn more about this year's Committee members.